The Underwriter will be expected to become familiar with and master the multisectoral skills and knowledge that are needed to effectively process, analyse and make recommendations for any particular loan. Sectors where knowledge and skills sets are to be enhanced include banking/finance, real estate market, property law and legal process, valuation including methodology and development/construction process.


Foundation: Become familiar with the internal underwriting processes and credit policy as well as any regulations and laws that apply to the industry

Independent Management: Manage and progress effectively all aspects of own pipeline of loan transactions from start to completion (both bridging and development finance loans) with limited supervision or guidance

Ownership: Take responsibility for and prioritise pipeline of loan transactions bearing in mind proposed completion dates or other factors

Relationships/Communication: Effectively establish relationships and two-way communication with all stakeholders in the transaction process (borrower, broker, lawyer, valuer, monitoring surveyor, external investors and internal management)

Team Player: Become team player whilst maintaining a respectful and professional working atmosphere within the office

Leadership: Develop management skills to eventually assist with hiring and training of new junior team members for the underwriting team

The following is an indication of key responsibilities and is not meant to be exhaustive:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4



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