As the Sales Director, qualified candidates will be responsible for creating the long-term Sales vision, and corresponding strategies for achieving the vision. Additionally, in concert with the respective MDs and CEO he/she will be responsible for establishing sales goals, profitability targets, and corresponding budgets. Key strategies for achieving the long-term vision will include: an ability to hire talented sales personnel; directing the development of comprehensive sales training and education programs; and ensuring that the sales culture is aligned with that of our client, and appropriate for achieving the long-term sales vision.

The individual will drive all sales strategies with specific targets; motivate agents to close sales; develop effective training programmes that teach agents how to acquire customers; negotiate deals; secure financing and complete paperwork for the sale; set weekly, monthly and yearly monetary goals for agents; develop new leads and increase sales; achieve profitable sales according to the agreed budget, through a competent sales team and with effective and strategic marketing campaigns and world class customer service throughout the entire lifecycle. Prepare in-depth report on comparable prices and exit values for the projects in the pipeline for acquisition.

Education & Experience

  • Experienced in developing comprehensive business plans, taking into account challenges, opportunities, and threats in both the near term (12 – 18 months), as well as the longer-term (3 years)
  • Demonstrates a track record of achieving and exceeding goals/objectives on a regular basis.
  • Has demonstrated an ability to understand the business and adapt his/her approach as the competitive landscape changes, and as the product/service portfolio evolves
  • Either a degree in real estate, finance, or business administration or a degree in another subject plus suitable experience. MBA is a plus
  • Demonstrate a track record for creating and executing sound strategies to achieve targets and growth
  • Minimum of 15-20 years of residential property sales experience
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in senior roles in sales
  • High performance-oriented role in a successful business

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Report to Chairman or as he directs
  • Drive all new homes sales strategy - work with Development MD, Marketing Head and Chairman
  • Resales strategy for bulk acquisition working with Investment Portfolio MD, Marketing Head
  • Secondary market listing and resales; managing currently 2 sales teams
  • Manage sales offices (currently 2) with a scope for expansion
  • Control P&L for sales
  • Investor portfolio sales, working with Investment Portfolio MD
  • Build international sales strategy and network with JV partners, international offices and agents network – working with Chairman and others
  • Help land and bulk acquisitions teams by undertaking research on comparable prices and exit values, so a right purchase price can be determined- working with Capital and Development teams
  • Work closely with the group Marketing teams for effective sales strategy
  • Work with operations and shared services to implement all policies, process systems, performance measuring tools required to run the division effectively
  • Understand the culture required to keep up the Vision and Mission of the Group and inculcate the same into every employee in the division
  • Maintain highest quality of services to our clients

Leadership Competencies


Demonstrates an ability to create clear and compelling vision & strategies for achieving them; Approaches issues strategically and critically assesses the situation; Inspires staff to develop vision & strategies and implement them; Identifies issues, hurdles, and intervenes; able to select the right people at the right time and demonstrate an ability to develop high performing teams.

Emotional Intelligences:

Understands personal strengths and weaknesses and improves upon them; Adapts personal style to that of his staff, colleagues, clients, etc. for productive interactions; Sound interpersonal skills; Empathetic when dealing with conflict or emotional situations; Drives meaningful conversations and accords top priority to people.


Comfortable in dealing with complex problems; Effectively analyses key factors and takes decision in time; Demonstrates a sense of urgency in decision-making; Engages others in taking decision and leverages colleagues or looks for untried sources in achieving creative and innovative solutions.


Promotes a collaborative and cooperative environment; Demonstrates an ability to orchestrate teamwork within department as well as across Functions and Verticals; Builds high performing teams with right people and specific goals & objectives followed by feedback to the team’s progress; Defuses conflicts and gets teams to work together in a harmonious and productive manner.

Results Orientation:

Develops and executes thoughtful plans in time and effectively; Result-oriented; Displays patience and tenacity in frustrating situations; Finds best options to achieve desired results; Provides on-going feedback to staff; Develops goals and objectives, does so at the beginning of the process, and engages staff; Sets metrics and holds people accountable.


Sets and communicates clear objectives to people, manager, and colleagues; Open mind when listening to staff, as well as others; Does not pre-judge, takes information in, listens for new and different approaches, and then decides; Complete and thorough understanding of situations; Understands audience, how best to communicate with them, and adapts communication style and/or forms of communication to meet audience’s needs.


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