As Associate Director of New Homes, the candidate will be responsible for creating a long-term Sales vision for new homes, especially in London’s commuter belt, and corresponding strategies for achieving that vision, as part of our volume housing strategy. Additionally, in concert with the respective vertical heads and Chairman he/she will be responsible for establishing sales goals, profitability targets, and corresponding budgets for the Residential Development/ New Homes business.

Key strategies for achieving the long-term vision will include: an ability to source and hire talented sales personnel; championing the development of comprehensive sales training and ensuring that the sales culture is aligned with our client’s company; and appropriate for achieving the long-term sales vision.

The individual will drive sales and marketing strategies alongside external appointed sales agents with specific targets; motivate agents to close sales; develop effective training programmes that educate agents about our clients New Homes stock; negotiate deals; secure financing and complete paperwork for the sale; set weekly, monthly and yearly monetary goals for agents; develop new leads and increase sales; achieve profitable sales according to the agreed budget, through a competent sales team and with effective and strategic marketing campaigns and world class customer service throughout the entire lifecycle. Assist in the preparation of in-depth reports, alongside our clients Research team on comparable prices and exit values for the projects in the pipeline for acquisition.

Education & Experience

 Duties & Responsibilities:


Leadership Competencies:


Demonstrates an ability to create clear and compelling vision & strategies for achieving them; Approaches issues strategically and critically assesses the situation; Inspires staff to develop vision & strategies and implement them; Identifies issues, hurdles, and intervenes; able to select the right people at the right time and demonstrate an ability to develop high performing teams.

Emotional Intelligences:

Understands personal strengths and weaknesses and improves upon them; Adapts personal style to that of his staff, colleagues, clients, etc. for productive interactions; Sound interpersonal skills; Empathetic when dealing with conflict or emotional situations; Drives meaningful conversations and accords top priority to people.


Comfortable in dealing with complex problems; Effectively analyses key factors and takes decision in time; Demonstrates a sense of urgency in decision-making; Engages others in taking decision and leverages colleagues or looks for untried sources in achieving creative and innovative solutions.


Promotes a collaborative and cooperative environment; Demonstrates an ability to orchestrate teamwork within department as well as across Functions and Verticals; Builds high performing teams with right people and specific goals & objectives followed by feedback to the team’s progress; Defuses conflicts and gets teams to work together in a harmonious and productive manner.

Results Orientation:

Develops and executes thoughtful plans in time and effectively; Result-oriented; Displays patience and tenacity in frustrating situations; Finds best options to achieve desired results; Provides on-going feedback to staff; Develops goals and objectives, does so at the beginning of the process, and engages staff; Sets metrics and holds people accountable.


Sets and communicates clear objectives to people, manager, and colleagues; Open mind when listening to staff, as well as others; Does not pre-judge, takes information in, listens for new and different approaches, and then decides; Complete and thorough understanding of situations;

Understands audience, how best to communicate with them, and adapts communication style and/or forms of communication to meet audience’s needs

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