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Worried about your pre-interview nerves?

Here are our tips for dealing with pre-interview nerves.

It is normal to feel worried before an interview. By preparing well and having the right attitude you can learn to control your pre-interview nerves.


It is normal to feel worried before an interview. By preparing well and having the right attitude you can learn to control your pre-interview nerves.

Do your research

If you know you are well prepared you will then feel a lot more confident. Make sure you know what to expect, ask your consultant, they may know some of the questions your potential employer will ask.

Make sure you research your potential employer and the company – looking up your interviewers on LinkedIn and the companies social media. Find out a bit more about them. Make sure you know your CV inside out and that your skills match the specific role. Practice your answers to the key questions you might be asked – check out our other article ‘The seven most common interview questions’ for help with this.


Run through your answers to interview questions aloud a few times, first with your CV and notes and then without. The more familiar you are with your CV and questions the more prepared you will feel and less nervous. Get someone to role play with you, choose someone you know will be honest, listen to feedback and amend these.

Be prepared

Ask your consultant how many people you are likely to be meeting. Knowing who they are can help reduce your nerves too. Asking if it is a one-to-one meeting or a panel format this can help you prepare.

Check if you need to bring any documents with you and get them printed out and packed smartly well in advance. Also bring two printed copies of your CV, one for yourself and one spare just in case the interviewer needs one.

Organise your outfit well ahead of time, make sure it is cleaned and ironed. Make sure your clothes are not uncomfortable – you do not want to be worried on the day about a shirt that is too tight or a skirt too short. Ideally go for an outfit that is smart but comfortable.

Remember that your interviewer is just another human, like you. It is in their interest to build rapport with you and get you to show yourself in your best light. They will be use to seeing people feeling nervous and will be keen to put you at ease.

It is also important not to put too much pressure on yourself. You want this job but bear in mind that if you don’t get the job it is not the end of the world. There are other jobs out there.

Start the day like you mean it

Have an early start on the day of your interview so you enough time to get ready without rushing and panicking. Have a good breakfast but avoid having to much caffeine as it can make you feel on edge.

Leave with plenty of time to get to your interview, always try and be 5/10 minutes but don’t get their too early. If you are running late make sure you let your consultant know and they can advise you further.


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