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Why you should be job searching before Christmas

Many people believe that Christmas time is a bad time to job search as companies are not looking for new employees until the new year this is wrong, below will explain why you should still be job searching.


Motivated clients are very happy to hire great candidates before Christmas to get ahead of the game in the New Year.

December has been our second most productive month for the last two years running which shows how active clients can be leading up to the festive period.

Less competition

People assume that more jobs will be available in the new year, many jobseekers will pause their search during December and start fresh in January because of this. Use this time to get ahead of other people and stand out. It will look great to the hiring managers that you are taking your job search seriously. Recruiters don’t stop working just because Christmas is around the corner they are still looking for great people to fill the job. With fewer people submitting their CVs, you have a greater chance of getting ahead of everyone and through to the interview stage first.

Christmas is the best time to network

We tend to socialise more at Christmas with drinks parties, work events and big family parties. The more people who know you are looking for a job, the better. Expand your professional network. So, keep an open mind when attending events.

Stand out

You will stand out to our recruiters and our clients as you are making time to job search during the Christmas period. It shows how dedicated and serious you are about your job search. This is also a great time to perfect your CV.

With social media becoming more and more popular with recruiters it is important to have a clean profile, keep your Instagram private. Up to date your LinkedIn and keep it professional. Christmas time is a great time to do this as you have more free time to do so.

Be pro-active and be sure to keep up conversations throughout December. Our consultants are more likely to have a stronger rapport with a candidate that has kept in contact with them throughout this period.

Get ahead of the game before the new year

Many people save their job hunt for January which means there is a huge rush of people looking for new jobs after Christmas. Beat this rush and get in there before everyone else does! Then you can relax on Christmas day knowing you have a job to go to in January.

Christmas being at the end of the year means companies more often than not have a lot of hiring budget to use before the end of the year which leads to them enhancing their recruitment processes. The hiring managers may also have more free time running up to Christmas and it is much easier to catch them. Take advantage of this

If you are thinking of putting your job search on hold over Christmas think again!

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