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Tips to make your presentation stand-out

In some cases, on your second-interview they may ask you to present a presentation but how do you show what you know without boring your interviewers? Here are some of our top tips.


Keep the interview engaged

Your presentation shouldn’t be a monologue with lots of facts, statistics and long sentences. You should keep the words on your slide to the bare minimum. Your slides should leave your listeners wanting more. Make your own set of notes that go aside each slide, don’t just read the text off the slides. You need to get your listeners participating in the information you are developing, keeping them engaged.

Creating Slides

Creating something that is simple is key. It takes a lot of work to craft a simple idea. It is hard to distil everything down to one great point rather than an under-confident handful. Use your imagination, you want to stand-out from the other people who you are up against, think outside the box. Keep it simple!

A good slide should catch your interviewers’ eye straight away, just like a good advert or billboard. You want your interviewer to glance, be interested in what is on your slide and then move to you, drawn into the greater depth of information you will be delivering to them.

Bullet points are a better way of displaying your text instead of block of words placed on your slide. Bullet points hinder rather then help, meaning you can expand on the bullet point without your audience reading on and getting ahead of you. It gives you time to expand and should leave your listeners wanting more.

Adding visuals to your slides makes them more impactful and more memorable, but only if they help clarify your message. Make sure your pictures are good quality and professional and also make sure they relate to your points.

Keep your formatting the same all the way through your presentation, consistent font size, faces and colours. This will keep your PowerPoint professional.

Be prepared

Rehearse your presentation in front of someone you trust who can advise you. It can also help you conquer any nerves you are feeling. Try and learn your notes as much as you can by heart, it will look much better coming out without looking down all the time and will come across, naturally.

Appearance and body language is key. Look smart and try not to fidget with hair, your notes or hands during your presentation this can distract your interviewers from listening to you. Keep eye contact with you audience, this will keep everyone engage with what you are saying.

Many interviewers will ask you questions at the end of your presentation, you can not prepare for this, but make sure you know your facts and information inside out and back to front so you can be prepared for anything.

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