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The Lloyd May Way

Make the most out of your Lloyd May consultant.


We are a specialist property recruitment firm which was established with the sole aim of getting to know the very best talent in global and regional property markets. Most of the people we work with are passive job seekers, we firmly believe that the best candidates are either referred or headhunted, resulting in 85% of our candidates being placed in this way.

Our specialist teams all have agency experience in their chosen fields, giving each member practised knowledge and experience in all our departments. What sets us apart is our ability to develop long-term strategic relationships with both clients and candidates and provide a tailored and measured approach to delivering real-time results. 

In this article, you will find useful tips on how you can make the most of your Lloyd May Consultant.

Initial meeting

After registering your CV with us and speaking to a member of the Lloyd May team, an initial meeting will be arranged. The initial meeting usually involves an in-depth discussion about the contents of your CV including all relevant experience you have had to date. The meeting will generally involve talking about your reasons for wanting a new job, the type of roles you are interested in and what you as an individual are able to offer our clients. It’s at this point we can also give you information about our clients and some of the job opportunities available and on our books which may interest you and suit your experience.

This is the candidate's chance to get to know their recruiter and hopefully is the start of a long term working relationship. Our end goal is to make the candidate a client, so it is important that we get off to a good start. Transparency and honesty on both sides is key.

By the close of the meeting, we will have created a marketing plan for you. You will be involved in this process - we will discuss how best to market you to clients, who we think would be interested in looking at your CV immediately and which companies we will market you to when vacancies become available.

Take advantage of our knowledge

We are industry specialists and work closely with all our clients, which means many of our roles are "off market" therefore exclusive to us and not advertised. We know the types of skills required, what our clients are specifically looking for and we often know about planned near future roles. Use our knowledge - ask us questions, tell us what you want and allow us to advise you as to the best way forward - you may have questions on a specific company, about how you could adapt your skill set to change direction slightly. We want to help you find the best job for you, we also want to find suitable candidates to put forward to our clients. It really is a two-way process.

When you are offered an interview, ask us specific questions about the interviewer. Your Lloyd May consultant will know him/her and will therefore be able to give you some pointers about what to expect.


We access CV’s on a daily basis and know what our clients are looking for, if you take our suggestions into account it will increase your employability and give you a stronger CV. If you are interviewed, we will always have a discussion with the interviewer about you and the interview once it has taken place. We will then call you to discuss the interview and provide you with valuable feedback about your performance, so make the most of this conversation, ask for clarity if you aren't sure about anything. Constructive feedback on your performance will help you improve for the future.

Keep in touch with us

Open lines of communications are essential. Keeping us updated as to where you are at with your own job search is important. Returning phone calls and replying to messages will keep a good line of communication. If we are aware of any changes, we can ensure we are on top of managing your requirements.

Another benefit of staying in touch with us is guaranteed receipt of up-to-date and current information regarding job opportunities. It's a quick market - if you haven't answered your consultant's call or kept in touch he/she may think you are no longer interested in securing a new post or that you won't respond quickly enough - as such the opportunity may pass you by as other candidates are put forward for the positions.

For more career advice, and details on current opportunities get in touch with the Lloyd May team.

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