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Is Social Media damaging your job search?

Many employers will research their potential employees on social media before hiring. This can have a big impact on their decision whether to interview the candidates or offer the role.



LinkedIn is one of the key professional social media platforms, a place for professionals to connect, discuss topics in your industry and find a new job.

Many employers and recruiters will look at LinkedIn profile first to get a quick idea of a person before deciding whether to offer/send them to an interview.

  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is fully up to date, include previous jobs and education.
  • It’s a great idea to join and contribute in groups relevant to your industry, it shows that you have a good understanding of your industry and you have an interest in it.
  • Use your profile to show off your key responsibilities.
  • Getting recommendations and endorsements from previous employers and colleagues can also make you look more attractive to employers.


Facebook is more of a personal social media and not really used professionally. Make sure that your Facebook page is not accessible to anyone outside your social circle. Stay up to date with Facebooks privacy settings, make sure to keep your photos hidden and remove your Facebook page from google searches.

If you choose to have your Facebook page public, make sure you don’t post anything that you would not be happy with your employer seeing. Be cautious on what you share and comment on Facebook, in some cases people have lost their jobs because of silly mistakes made on Facebook. Don’t write negatively about your company on Facebook if something is bothering you speak to your manager about the issues. Make sure your comments are polite and professional. No matter how strongly you may feel about an issue, keep in mind that your comments are public, and everyone can see.


Again, twitter is considered a personal social media unless you are running your companies twitter account, work in marketing or digital roles.

If you work in the sector where social media is a part of your role, your future employee may check out your twitter. If you don’ want your account to be seen it would be best to put your account on private, this will hide your personal details, tweets, tweets you are tagged in, people you follow and people who follow you.

When you account is private your bio and photo is still visible to everyone, so make sure you keep your bio appropriate and any information you would not want your employee to see taken off.


Instagram is used for both personal use and professional use. Many people use their Instagram for personal use, we advise that you make your personal account private. If you want a professional Instagram it is best to create a separate account to use professionally, keep this very separate to your personal account.

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