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International Women's Day

In 2016, it was said that women are expected to make up a quarter of the UK’s construction workforce by 2020.


How can this be made to happen by 2020?

Currently, the UK percentage of women in construction is under 20%. Women are now speaking at industry events, being given a platform to be heard.

The industry has changed quite a lot for women since 2016 and there are a lot more women on site now than ever before. The culture has also changed, even the PPE (protective clothing) they wear has been tailored to fit women, with higher waisted trousers and the tops fit better. There has also been effort from different sources; there’s more awareness in schools than there used to be and younger women are not recognising the construction industry as a viable career choice.

Why is there now more woman in construction?

  • Schools and colleges are where the urge for women to seek a career in property starts. Hosting events for students can inform the young of the different opportunities available in the property industry, to both men and women. There are now more and more female applications to the property industry. 
  • Flexible working is becoming more accessible, and maternity and childcare packages are improving every year. This gives more woman the chance to be involved in the construction industry.
  • The working environment for women in property is becoming more approachable, support and guidance to those who want to develop their career is given. 

What would encourage more women to join the industry?

  • Equal Pay and flexible hours
  • Better child care
  • Raise profile of existing female role models in the industry - women so far have indicated that a lack of senior female role models has been a barrier for progression. Women who have overcome obstacles are great role models for other women who aspire to achieve a successful career in construction. Women who now are in managerial roles in property can be seen as role models for others.

 At a time when equality and diversity is making leaps forward, construction is still playing catch up in some areas. Companies need to come together to build an environment that guides and rewards successful, hard-working women to move up the career ladder.

The number of women entering construction and property is slowly rising, retention is a key area that needs development. Organisations that cannot retain, develop and enhance their female workforce will be missing out on key skills, new ideas and ways of working to help keep the industry driving forward

It is refreshing to see through my experience in construction recruitment that more women are seen to be entering the industry and are seen to be promoted into senior positions.

The property industry is beginning to remove barriers.

By Hannah Jackson

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