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Graduates - is investment analysis or asset management the one for you?

We are often asked by the graduates we are working with as to whether a role within asset management or investment analysis would suit them best. After completing a Masters in Real Estate it can be hard to know which is the best route for you! Here is a handy little guide with some hints and tips, but we can of course provide more detailed and tailored advice if you get in touch.

What does an investment analyst do?
  • They perform financial analysis for external or internal financial clients as a core part of the job.
  • It is essential that they are highly numerate, can build cash flow models, and are a competent financial modeller.

What does an asset manager do?

  • They manage, oversee and monitor the Managing Agents, whilst also assisting with all aspects of managing assets on a day to day basis.
  • Monitoring of capital and non-recoverable income.

Where can you start your career as an Asset Manager or an Investment Analyst?

  • Real estate companies, property management firms, real estate development firms, commercial banks, REITS.
  • If you’re involved within private equity or investment banking it is quite easy to become an Asset Manager or an Analyst.
  • By either doing a bachelors or master’s degree within real estate, investment, or finance can help you massively to get into the real estate industry as most firms require this.
  • Internships will help you as you develop your skills further and gain experience. 

As an intern, you have excellent opportunities to learn from experienced colleagues, as you will potentially shadow them and learn various aspects of the job. Successful internships often convert into full-time job offers. 

How to get internship opportunities?

  • Internships are often arranged from your university, however if this isn’t the case, you can apply for internships either on LinkedIn, job portals, or applying to firms directly that you know of and are keen to work for.
  • It can really help build a strong professional network for you, which is good to take with you into your permanent role.

 Finding the right permanent role for you

If you are wanting to get into the real estate industry it is always good to tailor your CV to real estate, and to the aspect of real estate that you’re interested in.

We would not suggest sending your CV just anywhere or signing up with numerous recruiters, this can often lead to your CV being over-exposed and can make it difficult for you to ensure that it isn’t being sent to the same employer more than once. Find 1 or 2 good recruiters and see what roles they have on as they have the best relationships with the firms, and you will have a better opportunity of getting your profile noticed.

Here at Lloyd May we will arrange to meet with you and get to know you. We’ll discuss what sort of working environment you like, your referred working culture, and company size. We will also have a deep understanding of exactly the sort of role you’d enjoy and can guide you on this if you aren’t 100% sure. We know our clients well and can guide you to the ones that would suit you best.

Please get in touch to discuss the roles we have on that would suit you!

By Hattie Sunderland - Recruitment Resourcer at Lloyd May

020 3574 4122

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