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Get Ahead of The Game

 5 Reasons to Start Your Job Search Before The New Year!


As we are approaching the winter season and the year end our thoughts may move to Christmas,  New Year and new beginnings. A number of us may feel the need for a fresh start. A change of career could be just the thing to motivate and inspire you. But why wait until 2018 to make this job change? Here's 5 reasons to start your job search before the New Year; 

Less Competition

The majority of people will pause their job search efforts during November – December time and start afresh in January, as they assume more jobs will be available in the New Year. This really isn’t the case, vacancies become available all year round and the busy months leading up to Christmas are no exception. Thinking about a job change before January is the best the way to get ahead of the employment game. With so many people gearing up for a career change in the New Year, there will be fewer people to compete with for those jobs that need filling now.

Company Budgets

A number of organisations finalise their budgets during December, they will use this time to set their budget for future vacancies. Often, during this process, many companies find they have money that they will need to spend, or risk losing and/or having their budget cut for the following year. In lots of cases this means hiring new staff members before January.

On the other hand, if the organisation has spent their budget limit, they will look to hire new members of staff in January. However, the majority of our clients will start the interview process before Christmas to get these vacancies tied up for the new year. If you decide to leave your job search till January, the likelihood is that these positions will already be filled.

Notice Periods

Another aspect to consider is your notice period, many employees are usually obliged to work a months’ notice, however more senior roles require longer notice periods which can be anywhere between 3 and 6 months. Whilst employers appreciate that notice periods vary, it’s a good idea to keep in mind how long your notice period is as you don’t want this to affect your chances of being offered a role.  

Start the New Year on a Positive Note

Looking for a new job is time consuming – updating your CV, applying for jobs and putting time aside for interviews takes effort. If you begin your search in November your chances of securing your new job by January are much higher - you will be up and running and ready for any new vacancies as they appear.

A fresh start is exactly what you need to kick off the year, get ahead of the game today and make that positive change before the madness of the Christmas season even begins. 

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