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7 steps to the perfect job description

A powerful job description is the first step in finding the right talent for your company. Not only will it help you sell the role to prospective candidates it will allow you to make informed hiring decisions that meet the needs of your business.

But how do you create an effective job description?

  1. Job title

The first thing the candidate will read is the title of the job so make sure they can immediately gauge what the job entails. Job titles should be concise and specific to ensure they’re targeted to the right person and avoid any confusion over what the role entails.

  1. Company description

To attract the best talent, you need to sell your company and give candidates a clear understanding of your business and what it stands for, what makes it unique and where it wants to go. Job descriptions should start with a clear breakdown of what the company can offer and how it is distinctive culture enables employees to grow and develop their careers. Working for companies with values that align with your own is becoming very important to candidates, so opening with a stand-out company description is key to encourage the candidate to continue reading.

  1. Job summary

After describing the company, provide a summary of the role. You should keep the language simple and avoid any company-specific jargon. However, the description needs to get the candidate interested and excited about the role.

  1. Role requirements

Effective job descriptions should include a list of the critical skills that are required for the role. Any specific expertise needed to carry out the day-to-day responsibilities, such as knowledge of a particular software or programming language should be included to ensure candidates are able to hit the ground running when starting. It is best to layout these requirements as a s simple list of bullet points that is easy for candidates to read.

  1. ‘Nice-to-haves’

Alongside the minimum skills and knowledge required, it is also nice to include a few desired qualities you’d like to see in the ideal candidate, whether technical knowledge or soft skills. It is best to keep your ‘Nice-to-haves’ qualities to no more than five in a job description as this could end up disincentivising candidates from applying in the first place.

  1. Salary information

It really depends on the role being advertised when coming to a decision to include the salary on the job descriptions. Some companies will see salary information as a way to help candidates gauge the level of the role but others will avoid such sensitive information being visible.

  1. Layout

Excessively long job descriptions with chunky paragraphs could result in candidates getting bored so it it’s essential to make use of bullet points and concise paragraphs to keep the candidate reading. To attract the best talent, job descriptions need to capture the imagination of the reader within seconds.

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