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4 Standout Questions to Ask During An Interview

It is crucial is to ask the right questions. Interviewing isn’t just a about your potential employer learning about you. An interview is a two-way street.


“I don’t want to hear about pre- booked holidays and how many days can I take off?” Amy Reynolds Area Director London SW Chestertons.

That is a big no no..

It is crucial is to ask the right questions.

Interviewing isn’t just a about your potential employer learning about you.

An interview is a two-way street. It’s your chance to explore whether joining a that company will benefit your career, asking the right questions creates the platform for better decision making.

Asking questions about the role shows you are engaged and invested in the company. The key is to ask the right questions.

1.  Why has this role come available?

Understanding why a position has become available is imperative.-  allows you to determine if someone has left or the role could be newly created. Opens you up to a new question why was it created? Show you the growth expectations of the company.

Depend on the response this would be your opportunity to highlight your strong skills.

If the role is new – focus on your ability to innovate and take initiative. If your replacing an employee utilize a time where you have developed in an existing role.  

2.  Development & Support – Career Progression

Asking this question shows you are keen on learning, developing and staying within a company. This also gives you the opportunity to find out different aspects of the role and your progression within the role.

Developing and supporting is a two-way street, outlining your career goals allows your potential employer to demonstrate the development & support systems within the company.

3.  Turning your performance around to them.

“Is there anything we have spoken about today that would stop me from progressing” James Gallagher Internal Recruiter Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward 

Although this question seems bold, it’s a great question to turn your performance around to them. This question opens the floor to any concerns the interviewee may have, this is your time to reassure these concerns and gives your opportunity to re sale yourself. Receiving interview feedback allows to work on your performance for following interviews.

4.  Closing

“if I would be successful what is the next stage?” Tony Gambrill Area Director N&E Chestertons

This question is great way to close the interview. It shows the interviewer that you have thought about the next stages and provides you with an indication with what you would need to prepare.

The interview is not just about seeing if you’re the right fit for the organisation and the role, but its also making you feel confident about your ability to do the job, making sure you have determined the role would be the right career move.

Big thank you to Tony Gambrill, James Gallagher and Amy Reynolds for sharing their interview do's & don'ts.

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